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Long Island Cruise

Offbeat trip to the Virgin Island

Long island in Andaman is one of the most offbeat locations in the archipelago. This destination is not yet discovered by many who know about the Andaman Islands. Fairly because of many reasons. The foremost reason that we see is the remote locality of Long Island and the poor connectivity of this destination. Besides, limited accommodation facilities are available on Long Island. Until 2019 this destination has decent popularity among foreign nationals.

Starts from 75,000 upto 12 pax

Booking has to be done minimum 3 days in advance to obtain the requisite permits

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Explore Long Island

A day out amidst Serene Nature

This island is a small rural settlement which is not connected by any road network to any of the islands. There is no blacktop road on the island. Only a concrete footpath connects different parts of the area. The roads leading towards the wood is still a kaccha road (mud road). The Casuarina trees (popularly known as the Jhau tree or she-oak) alongside the footpaths make it an adoring natural walkway. These trees also act as windbreaks for the island as it is amidst the open sea. Here in Long Island, all movements are on foot.

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Permits and procedures


Prior permissions are to be obtained from Department of Fisheries, Police Marine Force, Port Management Board and Indian Coast Guard for Long Island.

Cost & Booking

Booking has to be done minimum 3 days in advance to obtain the requisite permits. 

The cost of the trip starts from Rs.75,000 upto 12 personals.

For more details and bookings you may contact 
Mobile: 8001123888, 9434264321,


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