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Adventure awaits you in Andaman

Game fishing has been an expensive hobby due to the cost involved in chartering the boat and the costly fishing equipment.

We at Andaman Aquaholics have made it affordable for all with our luxury speed boats and fishing equipment rentals.

Starts from 2,60,000 + GST

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Fishing


India is popular for its tigers, elephants and exceptionally tasty food. It is certainly a land of surprises and one of them is the fact that is has one of the world best game fishing spots.
The waters that surround a little known island called Andaman lies home to some of the best game fish species in the world. You will have to see it to believe, as all the elements about this place are almost surreal. As a tourist destination, India certainly has a lot to offer. Sport or game fishing is one of them. The practice by locals on this island dates several centauries back, and secluded location has kept it free from the claws of commercial enterprise. This is certainly good news for the enthusiastic game fisher.

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Geographical location of


The island of Andaman together with Nicobar forms an extension group of Islands. It is located almost 2000 kilometres of the coast of India and 750 kilometres of the coast of Thailand. Andaman is actually closer located to Thailand than to India. The area where it is located called the Bay of Bengal. The capital of the territory is a small town known as Port Blair and serves as the capital for both Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Andaman is one of India’s most remote yet beautiful tourist destinations. It is a perfect place for people that love seclusion or those merely seeking a little peace and quiet.


There are no direct international flights to the Island. It can either be accessed by catching a flight to Port Blair from either Chennai or Kolkata. The flight is just over 2 hours and serviced by several reputable regional airlines. While most of the Island is uninhabited, it is home to the several aboriginal tribes like the Andamanise, Sentinelese, Onge, Shompens and Jangel. It is worth noting that these tribes are so detached from modern day society that they have little or no contact with the outside world. Access to these Islands is restricted and one should not wonder off to explore them without special permission from local authotities. Expert game fishers will reveal that the key to a great expedition, is finding a secluded spot, Andaman definitely meets these criteria.  The deserted islands provide some of the best experiences of untapped wildlife.


So what do the waters of the Andaman Sea have to offer? 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Fishing is home to 280 edible fish specifies. As if that isn’t enough the area is also famous for dolphins and the rare green Turtle. The mean weight of the fish recorded is about 20 to 45kg a figure that leaves game fishers eager to try their luck in the water. for Game fishing in Andaman. Because of how secluded and populated the Sea is, not much luck is required. Spanish mackerel, barracuda, bluefin, coroal trout, pilot trevally, sailfish and Wahoo are some of the fish that inhabit the water of Andaman. There is no shortage of them either as you only need under 30 minutes  from the island to be find perfect spot for fishing.  A compilation of the worlds’ best game fish by the website, lists 10 fish that are favourite amount enthusiasts. It is great to note that the Andaman Sea has 4 of the 10 listed. These are Yellow fin tuna, Marlin, Sail fish and Wahoo. Not only is the destination a natural marvel but the quality of the fish is amazing.

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There are several fishing packages for those who visit Andaman. One is happy to know, there are several packages that suit different levels of experience. Game fishers whether novice or professional will excitedly note that extreme popping and jigging, popping jigging and trolling, live baiting and bottom, light and micro fishing packages are all offered. These packages will differ from operator to operator but you should be able to conduct most of them across the board. There are several operators on the Island that offer different packages. Notable among them is Andaman Aquaholics. Giant Trevally is arguably the most popular game fish in Andaman. A new type of tackle used as bait has made fishing for this species much easier and rewarding. The fact that catching Giant Trevally or GT as the fishers call it with almost any method makes it a fish of choice for most visitors.  Braided line with 80lb capacity is standard while one may consider a 100lb line to ensure definite success.  Popping and jigging rods have improved dramatically over the years. They are robust and perform very well in tightly contested battles between man and fish. It is essential to have very high quality equipment, as the cheaper inexpensive one will definitely not be able to withstand the pressure. It takes some time to determine one preference but a general rule is focus on quality and not price. Having a good high quality reel will help you to achieve good results. Without one, you will not be able to subdue game fish and will be grossly disappointed when the time comes to exert a good amount of drag pressure. A reel with drag pressure upwards of 30Lb should be able to do the trick in this case. It is encouraged to carry fishing gear as the quality and price of that which is obtainable is either highly priced or not very good quality. There are a few places were gear could be hired, but any expert will advise not to leave the fate of your trip in the hands of that which is not yet seen.


For Game Fishing enthusiasts

Sports fishing in Andaman 2_edited_edite

3 Day Fishing Trip

Target the GTs through popping around the islands on this day and also do some trolling over the reefs around the islands and the reefs. During these multiple day trips we wll fish near Long Island, South Button Iand and Middle Andamans.

Andaman Aquaholics Sports Fishing in And
Marlin Expedition

4 Day Fishing Trip

Start early morning from Havelock jetty to witness the mesmerizing sunrise view and hook thorough the extensive fishing spots around Hut bay Island. The best catches will be brought to the hotel, cooked in the kitchen and served for dinner along with beverages.

The Andaman Tantra

4 Day Fishing Trip

Start early morning from Havelock jetty to witness the mesmerizing sunrise view from the boat with some hot coffee. Fishing at this time is best near Havelock Island since the low light allows sight-feeding predators to see and attack prey before they are seen by the baitfish

Mad Anglers Expedition

10 Day Fishing Trip

Book an exclusive trip to Andaman and experience game fishing at places like Inglis Island, Neil Island, Outram Island, Long Island etc. This trip also includes Barren Island know for its active volcano and mesmerizing aquatic bio diversity.

Fising packages

Seasons for game fishing in Andaman


Unlike other fishing destinations whose weather does not permit fishing in certain times of the year, the weather in Andaman is conducive all year round depending on the species of fish. The main fishing season begins in October and winds down in about April. Species like Giant Trevally and Doggies can be caught through the entire fishing season.


 Weather patterns are not always easy to predict. Various weather patterns in relations to their location and expected cyclone and Monsoon behavior always pose a challenge to adequate trip preparation and planning. Depending on what time of the year one visits, it is not uncommon to be confined to Port Blair while waiting for more favorable weather conditions. The challenge lies in finding the optimum time of the year to fish. As a guiding rule it has been found the most favorable time is when the temperature increase towards its maximum. This poses a challenge as this directly translates into unfavourable weather conditions. Monsoons and cyclones are at the peak in such temperatures. Finding a balance between the best season to fish and ensuring you remain safe is critical in any visitors travel plans to Andaman. Avoiding the strong winds that come with Monsoons and cyclones is a good idea. Wind speeds of 20 knots are common in the tropics. The weather pattern changes quickly and winds alternate direction without warning. This is caused by low a pressure system resulting from monsoons or cyclones. When all is said and done the optimum-fishing window is about two to three months in a year especially when trying to reach inaccessible and remote spots. For perfect results, proper planning and consultation will yield good results.


With a dwindling fish population, water pollution and other environmental concerns, finding a good destination for Game fishing can be a challenge. It is comforting to know that places like Andaman still exist. If one is preparing for a fun packed fishing trip, consider Andaman as your next destination.

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Procedure for getting fishing permission for foreign nationals in Andaman

It should be noted that all foreign nations require a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to be authorized to visit Andaman Island. If one requires a Visa to enter India then this is the first step to being granted the permit. A visit to the Indian Consulate or embassy in ones country of residence should be able to provide all the necessary details to be able to visit India. Seasoned travellers to the Island recommend that notice be given to the Indian embassy of one’s intentions of visiting the island and engaging in Game or sport fishing. Getting a restricted entry Visa should not be difficult, it takes a few minutes and can be processed on arrival at Port Blair airport. The director of Fisheries on the Island facilitates for sport and game fishing activities. They keep a register of all the vessels and owners. While there aren’t  any fees or charges associated with obtaining Restricted Area Pass, there are charges associate with registering a boat with the Department of fisheries. Several boats are available to hire and it is advisable to make a booking with the owner who will then apply for the permit for it. In keeping up with the times, the department has introduced an E-permit system, which allows for the online submission, processing and approval of all applications for various fishing and non-fishing related activities.

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We plan it to perfection

Get In Touch

Andaman Aquaholics can assist with all your permits and other paper works.


 Barren Island

Sister Island (Beyond WLS)

 Brother Island (Beyond WLS)

 Cinque Island (Beyond WLS)

 Passage Island (Beyond WLS)

 Incredible Bank (Beyond WLS)

 Button Island (Beyond WLS)

 Neil Island,

 Havelock Island

 Invisible Bank (Beyond WLS)

 Little Andaman

 South Sentinel Island (Beyond WLS)

 Rutland Island

 Middle Button (Beyond WLS/NP)

 North Button (Beyond WLS)

 South Button (Beyond WLS/NP)

 Outram Island (Beyond WLS)

 Sir Hugh Rose Island (Beyond WLS)

 Inglis Island (Beyond WLS)

 Campbell Shoal Island

 South Banks

 Middle Banks

 West Coral Banks

Game fishing in Andaman island.jpg

Mandatory Instructions for Anglers

 Always carry onboard any one of the valid identity proof which includes Election identity Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport and any other Identity cards issued by the Govt. agency.

 Avoid carrying minor and elderly persons for sport fishing.

 Do not take photograph with any species of fishes caught covered under Wild Life Protection Act 1972.

Release the caught fish to the sea prior to gasping situation. 11 Department of Fisheries, A&N Islands

Photography of Fish & Fishing should be done without causing injury to the fish.

Photography/Videography of the Vital Installations, Vital Areas and Vital Posts are strictly prohibited.

 Always use wet rag to handle fish.

Treat fish gently to reduce stress and injury. ix. In case of poisonous and venomous fish handle with caution and avoid direct contact.

Game fishing in Andaman.JPG

Safety and Conservation Measures for Game Fishing

 Always operate the sport fishing boat in specified zone.

Always carry crew & guest as per carrying capacity of the boat.

Passengers / tourists should not be permitted to drive/operate sport fishing vessel.

Maintain cruising speed below 10 knots near coral reef.

Report sighting of any suspicious activity / men while at sea to the nearest Police Station / Port Control / Authorized Officer / Coast Guard immediately.

Provide immediate help to the Fisher/Stranded boat in distress while at sea and report to the nearest Police Station/ Authorized Officer.

Carrying of Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV’s) onboard any Sport Fishing vessel is strictly prohibited.

Distress Alert Transmitter (DAT) shall be kept mandatorily on board the vessel in working condition at all times. Always anchor the vessel in safe anchoring area.

Report about any dead fish above 10 kg or more than 03 numbers brought to the shore after every voyage to the Area Fishery Officer.

Keep record of fish caught and released during each voyage in the prescribed format.

Any fish caught which are covered under Wildlife Protection Act must be released back to sea immediately as quickly as possible.

Maintain regular contact with the nearest Port Control Tower while at sea.

Report back to the base of operation on completion of the sailing.

Abide by all terms and conditions of fishing license as stipulated in A&N Marine Fishing Rule 2004.

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