Baratang Excursion

Mangrove Cruise to Lime stone caves

If you love nature and want to experience its enthralling beauty, a boat ride through the mangroves should be on your list during your visit to Andamans. Like coral reefs, mangrove forests are extremely productive ecosystems that provide numerous good and services both to the marine environment and people.

Starts from 75,000 upto 12 pax

Booking has to be done minimum 3 days in advance to obtain the requisite permits

Image by Joel Vodell

Lime Stone Caves

Exclusive day trip

The Limestone cave formations at Nayadera and the vast mangrove-covered creeks are the main attractions for tourists in Baratang. The island is known for limestones, which deposit themselves either above the soil or under the ground forming interesting formations and layers. You can easily get a boat at the Nilambur jetty, which will take you to the famous caves. On the way, you can admire scenic coastline covered with mangrove forests and you even pass through mangrove-covered canals making the ride more exciting.

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Permits and procedures

Prior permissions are to be obtained from Department of Fisheries, Police Marine Force, Port Management Board and Indian Coast Guard for Mangrove cruise.

Cost & Booking

Booking has to be done minimum 3 days in advance to obtain the requisite permits. 

The cost of the trip starts from Rs.75,000 upto 12 personals.

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